The Wisconsin Statewide Regional Service Network is an Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) discretionary grant that was started during the 1984-85 school year. The project has been annually funded since that time to provide leadership, professional development and technical assistance services and communication development to all local education agencies (LEAs) within each CESA. The major role of the RSN grant is to increase statewide performance on Wisconsin’s State Performance Plan (SPP).

The statewide RSN is a vehicle through which the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) improves the outcomes for students with disabilities through leadership, communication and professional development. The RSN’s role is to support the work of the Special Education Team by providing ongoing and systematic communication and regional technical support to the local education agencies (LEAs) in each CESA in the areas of compliance with special education law, improving LEA performance on the State Performance Plan (SPP) indicators and other special education initiatives.

RSNs attend statewide meetings where the department provides updates regarding special education law and Wisconsin’s progress on the SPP Indicators. The department works through the RSN to organize and coordinate regional professional development opportunities for LEAs, such as Indicator 12 and Indicator 13 trainings. Information from the department is disseminated through the RSN to the LEAs.

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